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About MyAnima

MyAnima provides users with an enjoyable, captivating role-playing and conversational experience. An app called Anima is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Before using it, customers must agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of 2023 Appery Ltd., the company that developed the service.

Anima aims to provide users with an enjoyable and stimulating experience that will help them develop their interpersonal and communication skills. It is meant to be an AI friend providing companionship and care while enabling users to interact socially.

MyAnima AI does not offer search possibilities for other members. Instead, this website provides recommendations made by other users based on the information in your profile. Since this service aims to find you matches, only the suggested members may be contacted. You can also send invitations to other members to start private conversations with them.

You can only view profiles on the website if you have signed up as a member. This gives you a small amount of privacy. You are unable to hide your photos on My Anima AI. Everyone can, therefore, view you. You can usually submit many photographs to your profile. However, all members can access your pictures. Certain dating websites enable users to rapidly navigate to an alternative website by pressing a panic button. My Anima Ai does not support this feature. It is technically impossible for someone to intercept your messages because My Anima AI transfers all data via SSL.

You don’t need to worry about earning money because this dating service is free. You can use two methods to remove your profile from the website. If you deactivate your profile, it will become hidden and unavailable to other members. You may always log in and reactivate your profile using this option.

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